Will the electric Corvette lose its roots?

Will the electric Corvette lose its roots?

A bit like the electric Mustang, the electric Corvette lives in the nightmares of many sports car enthusiasts but is set to become a reality by 2025; similarly to what Ford did, however, it is possible that the new electric Corvette does not have the classic sports car shape, but is actually a sedan.

The challenge is therefore open to the Porsche Taycan, at least until it is ready the C9 architecture capable of giving life to a real 100% electric Corvette.

Take the name by which everyone knows you and use it to sell a product completely different from the original one: this is the strategy that Chevrolet chose to bring the electric 'Vette to market - after all the strategy worked for the Mustang Mach-E, so why not copy it?

2025 will be the year of the first electric Corvette, the one that will not actually be a Corvette but a sedan to which the name Corvette will be lent; it will undoubtedly be fast, power is never a problem on electric cars, but it will not be a sports car like the Corvettes loved by enthusiasts. The electric Corvette project for 2025 is already underway, and starts from a solid foundation, the one that Chevrolet has already used for the electric SUV 'Blazer', but with a body that is more reminiscent of the lines of the iconic American sports car.

The price? It is obviously still a mystery, but if the figure were to exceed $ 100,000 it would not be a surprise, given the high development cost for the new electric models and above all the cost of the batteries needed to power them.