The series on Green Lantern will take place, despite the problems of DC Comics

The series on Green Lantern will take place, despite the problems of DC Comics

The series on Green Lantern will take place

The much-talked about series about Green Lantern will take place, or at least this is emerging for the moment. We have been talking about a production that takes up the adventures of the hero from the magic ring by DC Comics since the beginning of 2020, with several details arrived in recent months, including the hypothesis of a plot that follows the different incarnations of the Green Lantern over the centuries. But since this series was also destined for the US streaming platform Hbo Max, many feared that Green Lantern could become yet another project to suffer the guillotine of the new executives of Warner Bros. Discovery, the supergroup born in recent months that is now making several cuts on titles already in the pipeline, such as Batgirl and Supergirl. Currently, however, it seems that at least this production is safe.

Some sources have in fact confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the Green Lantern series is still in development, with actors Fin Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine cast in the roles principal and Lee Toland Krieger, former director of Superman & Lois and You, to take care of directing. To produce everything there will be Greg Berlanti, one of the pillars - at least so far - of the television universe originating from the DC comics. According to the same sources, the production of Green Lantern is taking longer than necessary due to the complex special effects provided by the series (which should be the most expensive ever made by Berlanti Productions) and also because they want to avoid the same problems encountered by the series. 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds, which was universally opposed by audiences and critics and proved to be a disaster at the box office.

Especially given the shocks that have affected Hbo Max in recent weeks, Berlanti wants to go there with lead feet. Moreover, in the same hours, the news was given of the cancellation of another of his projects destined for Hbo Max, Strange Adventures. The anthological series, which was to involve the director and very passionate about comics Kevin Smith, would have focused on lesser-known characters in the DC universe: the episode of Smith, for example, would have centered on the character of Bizzarro, a clone who has gone ill from Superman.

The Warner management preferred to cancel the experiment, since the secondary characters at the center of the series do not coincide with the new strategy that wants to focus above all on the "Holy Trinity" DC, or Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman . Berlanti, for his part, will continue to produce other series such as The Flash (now in its last season), Superman & Lois and the upcoming Gotham Knights, even if the future now remains increasingly uncertain.

Green Lantern series still alive at HBO Max

It looks as though the Green Lantern series is alive-and-well at HBO Max, but it does have some time to go before its launch still.

In a new report from TVLine, a soruce confirmed that the Green Lantern series is still in development, but may not debut until 2024.

Concern for the series had lit up in the days following the cancelation of the Batgirl film, and Kevin Smith revealing that Strange Adventures wasn’t moving forward.

The source speaking with TV Line also revealed that while Harley Quinn season 3 is still airing, season 4 is looking very likely. Meanwhile, both Titans and Doom Patrol were already renewed for a fourth season for each and are currently working towards those releases. Pennyworth season 3 doesn’t have a debut date as of yet, but the season has already been filmed and should be moving forward.

And James Gunn himself has confirmed that Peacemaker season 2 is still on track.

While everything looks good for all of these projects at the moment, we should be aware that things can change at any time. The merging of Warner Bros. Discovery is an ongoing process and additional changes seem inevitable.