Steam Deck will warn you if it's too hot or too cold to play with update 3.3

Steam Deck will warn you if it's too hot or too cold to play with update 3.3

The new Steam Deck update, version 3.3, includes a new feature: the device is now able to warn if the temperature is too low or too high to play.

Steam Deck, according to the indications Valve officials, it can be used safely if the environment is between zero and thirty-five degrees. If you go outside this range it is possible that there are performance problems or even that the console turns off.

When it is very hot, the problem is related to the APU which cannot exceed certain temperatures. Beyond the internal 105 degrees of the APU, the Steam Deck shuts down. If the environment gets too hot, the problem also affects the internal components.

Steam Deck In the case of a low temperature, the problem is related to the battery. Lawrence Yang - Steam Deck designer - explains that: "At a very low temperature, the battery starts to fatigue. Like any other device powered by a battery, the Steam Deck battery cannot sustain an energy shift at adequate levels below freezing. degrees (similar to cars that struggle to start in very cold weather). If temperatures get this low, we will start throttling the system to maintain battery longevity. "

Obviously, people who are under zero or above thirty-five degrees will often have other problems and playing Steam Deck may not be their priority.

Finally, we remind you that deliveries have been anticipated for many users, all Steam Deck orders will be fulfilled by 2022,

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