Saints Row, not everything went well

Saints Row, not everything went well

Saints Row

The arrival of the new Saints Row surprised everyone a bit. The reception from the press was decidedly lukewarm, with many critics and journalists reacting negatively to the return of the series. Among the many aspects criticized, one above all certainly concerns the cleaning of the code, with many bugs that the reviewers have found in their game sessions. Now, from the pages of USA Today, the development team has explained what went wrong during the production of the game.

Saints Row Creative director Brian Traficante was the one who spoke. stated how the game went into production without having certain development tools. “We programmed Saints Row as we designed the technology for the game. We started from scratch. At some point, during the Research and Development phase, we decided to start over ”, the words of Traficante, declared during the interview.

The six-month postponement certainly allowed the development team to benefit from more time and the extra features would probably have taken even longer. The hope is that if Volition returns to work on the franchise, it can do so in total peace of mind, with all the necessary tools and the right time to give players an open world and a noteworthy chapter of Saints Row, which can be appreciated by everyone, including players and critics.

Saints Row Map Size, Districts: Here's A Guide To Santo Ileso

Saints Row fans have been longing for a return to the uncomplicated pleasures of the series' earliest games, and it looks like the latest installment just might make their dreams come true.

The open-world action game series was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. With its uniquely zany combination of crude humor, open-world anarchy, and first-person shooting, the series is something of a cult phenomenon, with the third installment being the most revered among the fan base.

Since its release, the series developers have taken the franchise in increasingly ambitious directions.

The new open-world map in Saints Row -- Santo Ileso -- is set in the American Southwest, and offers a different layout than previous games in the series. The map is divided into several districts, and is also dotted with a few markers, which indicate important locations in the game.

If you want to learn more about the new Saints Row map, then this guide is for you.

Saints Row map size

The map size for Saints Row 5 is said to be significantly larger than that of its predecessor, coming in at around 8 km (4.9 miles). This is due to the game's focus on open-world exploration, with players being able to travel to different parts of the world to uncover new secrets and complete missions. The game is also said to feature several biomes, each with its unique weather and wildlife.

Saints Row Map districts

Los Panteros region

The area known as Los Panteros is divided into four distinct regions: Mercado, West Providencia, East Providencia, West Smelterville, and East Smelterville. Each of these regions has its unique features and challenges.

  • Mercado is the bustling market district of Los Panteros
  • West Providencia is the wealthier part of town
  • East Providencia is the poorer part of town
  • Smelterville is the industrial district of Los Panteros
  • Idols regions

    The area of Idols is divided into five main regions: Monte Vista, Marina West, Marina East, Old Town West, and Old Town East, Monte Vista, Marina West, and Marina East. Each of these regions boasts unique landmarks and activities to enjoy.

  • Old Town West houses the city's main financial district, making it a hub of activity and commerce
  • Old Town East is the residential area of the city, with tree-lined streets and quaint homes
  • Monte Vista is the wealthy district of the city, home to exclusive shops and restaurants
  • Marina West is the industrial area of the city, home to factories and warehouses
  • Marina East is home to the airport and a large amount of open space
  • Marshall regions

    The Marshal area is divided into five regions: West Flats, East Flats, El Dorado, Lakeshore North, and Lakeshore South. All five regions have unique characteristics that make them distinct from the others.

  • Lakeshore North is the most urbanized region of the Saints Row map, with tall skyscrapers and a busy cityscape
  • Lakeshore South is the more residential area on the map, with a more relaxed atmosphere
  • West Flats is an industrial area, home to factories and other businesses
  • East Flats is the poorest region on the map, with rundown houses and abandoned buildings
  • El Dorado is the most affluent region, with luxury homes and upscale shops.

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