Now Tiktok also has an AI that creates images

Now Tiktok also has an AI that creates images

One of the new tools landed on TikTok is an image generator based on artificial intelligence (Ai), which follows in the wake of the various Dall-E 2 or Imagen from Google. AI greenscreen / AI green screen - this is the name of the function - differs from other generators because it is more basic and simple to use, a feature also useful for avoiding potentially problematic creations.

Image generators based on artificial intelligence are undoubtedly one of the trends of 2022. Projects such as Imagen and above all the popular Dall-E 2 have given the right propulsion to a rapidly growing segment with more proposals on the way, including one from Meta. TikTok also gets on the bandwagon with a small tool that works in a very similar way to the other generators, limiting itself to almost abstract creations: Green Screen AI is available within the platform's extensive effects catalog, and can be easily found using the magnifying glass. Once selected, simply enter any textual description to obtain an image that can then be used as a background to be applied behind a clip. TikTok suggests images like "Astronaut in space" or "Snorkeling in the violet ocean" or "Village lost in the mountains". But what happens when you try to create controversial images?

What you get by entering the murder of a politician (The Verge) as a request

Above you can see what appears if for example the name of a politician is inserted in conjunction with the word "murdered". The results are mostly abstract: they suggest the action and its protagonists, albeit without reproducing the truculent act in detail.

The results when trying to get an image that includes nudity (The Verge)

The same trend can be seen with images that recall nudity. It is clear how TikTok has decided to safeguard the global audience and its many underage users with a tool that is deliberately not too performing but which respects the guidelines of the app. This is a way to try to overcome the dark side of Ai image generators, which while on the one hand could offer potential for creatives to explore (including photo retouching and portraiture), on the other hand they present potentially dangerous aspects that should not be underestimated. >