Nintendo Switch OLED is back on Amazon: also in Blue / Red version

Nintendo Switch OLED is back on Amazon: also in Blue / Red version

Nintendo Switch OLED is back on Amazon

If you are looking for a new console to play but, like many, the continuous shortage of components caused by COVID is still putting a spoke in the wheel, then you will be happy to know that, on the net, a glimmer of light seems to have opened. , at least as far as today is concerned!

After the return of Xbox Series X from Unieuro, in fact, we now inform you that the highly sought-after new version of Nintendo Switch, or Switch OLED, is also back on Amazon. available on the store at no extra charge, and indeed also sold in its very rare variant with Blue / Red color!

It is, undoubtedly, an excellent opportunity, especially because we are now on the edge of summer and holidays, or in a period in which a console like Nintendo Switch, which can be brought with you and it doesn't necessarily need a TV to play, it can be really handy!

The price? The original one imposed by Nintendo of € 349.99, with the certainty that the console will last very little on the pages of the portal, given the scarce availability, and the certainly small number of pieces available!

But it makes sense to buy it ? In our opinion, certainly yes, especially if you have never had a Nintendo console before, also because the Switch OLED is proposed in continuity with the original model, without changing the hardware too much, and without creating any division on Nintendo's domestic market. Switch and Switch OLED, in essence, are the same console, but the second is proposed with a slightly larger form factor, and with an excellent and very bright 7 "OLED screen, which has considerably widened the viewing diagonal.

For the rest, we are faced with the well-known and reliable Switch hardware which, net of compact dimensions, is able to guarantee an excellent use experience, remaining compatible with the entire library of titles of the previous generation of Switch .

Read also: Micro SD for Nintendo Switch | The best of 2022 Very difficult to find, and often heavily increased, Switch OLED is now back on Amazon at its original price, even if it is certain that the available pieces will end very quickly and, for this reason we suggest you do not wait too long and complete your purchase immediately, by immediately visiting the Amazon page dedicated to the product!

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RS Recommends: Can’t Find Nintendo Switch OLED In Stock? Get the Switch Lite On Sale

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The Nintendo Switch OLED been nearly impossible to grab for the past few months thanks to increased demand, but if you’re looking for a portable Nintendo gaming console to pick up right now, it’s worth taking a second look at the Nintendo Switch Lite.

After also being sold out for several months, the Switch Lite is back in stock and on sale right now, starting at just $199 on and on Amazon (for reference, the Switch OLED starts at $349+ when available online).

nintendo switch lite deal sale

nintendo switch lite deal sale


Buy: Nintendo Switch Lite at $199.00

The Nintendo Switch Lite had been sold out for several months due to production shortages caused by Covid-19 (and before that, the Black Friday and holiday rush), but the Switch Lite is back in stock and available online at multiple stores right now.

We found the Nintendo Switch Lite on Best Buy and GameStop for its original $199.99 price tag. Amazon has the Switch Lite for $199 as well, with units shipping now. If you want to save an additional $20, GameStop has pre-owned and refurbished models available right now at a discounted price. Multiple colors are on sale.

Nintendo’s handheld gaming system was a popular purchase for people in 2020, as stay-at-home orders made people reach for their gaming consoles to help pass the time. At one point, resellers were taking advantage of the demand, by selling the Switch Lite for up to three times its price, so it’s worth taking advantage now of the $199 sale price.

The Switch Lite differs from the other Switch consoles in a few ways. The biggest difference is that the Switch Lite is a handheld system only; it cannot be connected to a TV like the regular Nintendo Switch OLED. The Switch Lite’s screen is also smaller, and it has 720p resolution (versus OLED), so games will look crisp but not as detailed as the new model.

True to its name, the Switch Lite is nearly one-third lighter than the regular Switch, which makes it a lot more comfortable to hold and carry. Finally, the Switch Lite’s controllers are built into the console — on the Switch OLED, the “Joy-Con” remotes can be detached.

Despite these differences, the Switch Lite can play all Nintendo Switch games without any reduction in performance. It has all of the same internal hardware, just shrunk down. This includes titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the most popular game right now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Physical Nintendo Switch games are in short supply, but all the games can be downloaded digitally. If you plan on downloading several games, you should get a MicroSD card to expand the Switch Lite’s storage.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock now, but it probably won’t stay like that for long. If you don’t want to wait for the Switch OLED, and you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the console, pick up the Nintendo Switch Lite on sale here.