Jaguar I-Pace is on fire in Florida, it is already the fourth

Jaguar I-Pace is on fire in Florida, it is already the fourth

Jaguar I-Pace is on fire in Florida

On June 17, in Florida, a Jaguar I-Pace spontaneously caught fire while recharging, resulting in a fire that almost completely consumed the car. It is the first time that we bring you the news of an electric Jaguar that literally went up in smoke, but in reality it is already the 4th in the world to catch fire; the reason is probably to be found in the battery pack, which uses the same type of LG Chem cells that forced Chevrolet and Hyundai to recall the Bolt and Kona EV respectively.

The car, produced in 2019, was parked in its owner's garage while charging when it started to emit smoke: despite the very dangerous situation the car owner, Gonzalo Salazar, moved the car to the middle of the road so as to prevent the fire from spreading too in his garage and in his house. A very brave move, which could have cost him his life but which in return saved his home.

“I had just returned from some errands with the car, and I heard one crackling coming from the garage, which remained open after my return. I went to see what was the origin of this noise and entering the garage I saw a very thick smoke: I immediately thought 'where there is smoke there is fire' and I decided to move the car out of my garage. "| ); }
Also, according to what Salazar said, for now Jaguar would not take responsibility for the fire and would even leave the car owner to clear the road of charred remains.

May it be recall time for the Jaguar I-Pace too? We'll see.

Jaguar I-Pace burnt to ashes in a fire while charging in Florida

At least four Jaguar I-Pace cars have been reportedly destroyed by similar fire incidents.

By : HT Auto Desk| Updated on: 02 Aug 2022, 17:14 PM

The Jaguar I-Pace was completely destroyed by the fire. (Image: Electrek)

With the number of electric vehicles rising around the world, EV fire incidents too are seeing a spike in numbers. The latest electric car to catch fire is a Jaguar I-Pace, which was burnt to ashes in a fire that erupted while it was charging in Florida, US. The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace was reportedly parked in a garage and was charging.

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Gonzalo Salazar, the owner of the luxury electric car, told Electrek that on June 16 he plugged the car in and on June 17 he unplugged it. He took out the car before parking it again in the garage and suddenly heard some popping sound from the garage. When he went to inspect, the owner found the car in thick smoke. He drove the car out of the garage to save the house. The smoke eventually turned into a massive fire that engulfed the entire car burning much of it entirely away. Interestingly, the image reveals the front part of the car was untouched by the fire, while the entire cabin had been destroyed.

The report claims that the emergency crews had a tough time dousing the fire and they needed to use a particular fire suppressing foam. The British car brand reportedly took the car away to conduct its own examination of the wreckage but is yet to present any conclusion.

This is not the first time a Jaguar I-Pace EV caught fire. Earlier, three other Jaguar I-Pace EVs reported similar incidents under similar conditions. Interestingly, the Jaguar EV uses the same type of LG Chem battery cells that make up the Chevrolet Bolt EV's battery pack as well. Just like Chevrolet, Jaguar may end up issuing a recall for the I-Pace. Hyundai too uses the same problematic battery cells for its Kona EV.

First Published Date: 02 Aug 2022, 17:13 PM IST