Excellent Salewa camping tent, 3 places, 31% off!

Excellent Salewa camping tent, 3 places, 31% off!

Excellent Salewa camping tent

The holidays have now arrived and Ferragosto is just around the corner! And if you too are among those who are not yet ready to leave but, on the contrary, are still going crazy to find the right tent with which to spend the night outdoors or camping competitions, then trust us: this is the offer you will not want. let yourself escape!

We would like to point out, in fact, that on Amazon the splendid Salewa Atlas III tent is available at a discount of 31%, now available for just € 110.50, against the original 160.00 € originally requested by the manufacturer and, trust us, the price is really great, especially considering the seasonal price increases! 3 people, and excellent for both summer excursions and fixed pitches, given its overall lightness and the ease with which it can be carried on the shoulder or divided into a backpack.

The Atlas III weighs just 2 , 9 Kg, so that also carrying on the shoulder is easy, while it is true that the company has not, for this reason, saved on the quality of the materials or on waterproofing. From the classic igloo design, convenient and comfortable, the Atlas III is in fact made with a practical poles in compound glass fiber, light but durable, on which a light and breathable polyester curtain is placed, to let the air pass, and a waterproof ripstop overcoat, to protect from UV rays, as well as from water and infiltrations.

Net of this, the Atlas III remains a resistant but also breathable tent, ideal for the summer season as for the spring one, and for this reason ideal to face the upcoming holidays of this August 2022!

Read also: Camping tents | The best of 2022 In short, we are talking about a really excellent product, perfect for tackling a long trip or a weekend outing and which, given the excellent discount, we suggest you buy now, by visiting the Amazon page of the article, before it goes out of stock or, worse, returns to the original price.

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