Death Stranding on PC Game Pass, it's OFFICIAL

Death Stranding on PC Game Pass, it's OFFICIAL

Death Stranding on PC Game Pass

In the end it's all true: after having anticipated it with a series of teasers via Twitter, Death Stranding will land on Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Microsoft service, which in recent months has been renamed PC Game Pass (probably not to create confusion in the minds of players less accustomed to the video game market), today welcomes Hideo Kojima's game, the first after the separation from Konami.

The announcement arrived today. However, to land on PC Game Pass is not the Director's Cut version of Death Stranding, but the basic version, which has already debuted on Steam and Epic Games Store in the course of 2021. The basic version keeps the gameplay experience unchanged, unlike of the Director's Cut, which introduced a series of optional innovations to facilitate the protagonist's mission, namely that of reconnecting America by transporting drugs, food and basic necessities and then inserting the various locations into the chiral network.| ); }
Originally launched in 2019 for PS4, Death Stranding tells the story of an unrecognizable America after the phenomenon of the same name. The adventure was crafted by Hideo Kojima, who called in a number of high-caliber actors and directors such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro to take part in the making. The game designer is currently working on a new video game in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, but we don't know the details yet.

'Death Stranding' is coming to PC Game Pass on August 23rd

You can play Hideo Kojima's post-apocalyptic delivery simulator/action game Death Stranding with a PC Game Pass membership in a few days' time. 505 Games first released the game for Windows in 2020, but soon you'll also be able access it through the Microsoft subscription service at no additional cost. The developer says the version heading to the service will include the same features the Steam and Epic Games editions have. Those features include a high frame rate, ultrawide mode, photo mode, hard mode and cross over content from popular franchises like Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077.

The game will also have unlockable content you can get as you progress and complete more of the story. That said, the version coming to PC Game Pass is not the director's cut that was released more recently, but the original one. Death Stranding was published by Sony Interactive for the PS4 back in 2019 and got the director's cut treatment for the PS5 in 2021. When it comes to consoles, it's still a PlayStation exclusive — you can't play it on the Xbox with a Game Pass. But at least you can test it out for free on PC if you haven't given it a shot yet.

Death Stranding will be available on the PC Game Pass starting on August 23rd. 505 Games also promises to reveal more details in a Community Q&A in the next few days.

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