The Last of Us, Naughty Dog against leaks: "they suck"

The Last of Us, Naughty Dog against leaks: they suck

The Last of Us, Naughty Dog against leaks

In these weeks of high summer it is the heat that reigns supreme, and even the video game companies seem to be taking their time with regard to the big announcements. One of the absolute protagonists of these days, however, is undoubtedly The Last of Us Part 1, the brand new remake of one of the most popular titles of the PlayStation 3 generation. Just a few hours ago Naughty Dog unveiled a lot of new information on the game. next release, but some of these details had been anticipated by several leaks.

The Last of Us series Now, although the leaks in question relied on concrete information about The Last of Us Part 1, many times the so-called leakers and insiders tend to tread too much by going to anticipate information or announcements that are then not reflected in reality. These situations are never positive and risk leading to incorrect behavior on the part of the fans themselves towards development teams and videogame companies.| ); }
I get that, but our MP team is focused on their own thing. The more we let them work on it undistracted, the sooner it'll be out.

- arne (@arnemeyer) July 22, 2022

, Arne Meyer wanted to respond to the comment of a fan, who complained about the absence of the Factions mode in the new The Last of Us Part 1. Responding to this player, Naughty Dog's vice president confirmed that the multiplayer studio is currently developing development on another project, and that the less they are bothered the sooner that game is released.

Naughty Dog scrambles to stop The Last of Us leaks

Developer Naughty Dog has been fighting a new slew of leaks for its upcoming remake, The Last of US Part I.

Sony revealed the game recently, and it will be a ground-up remake of the first game in the series. It will be made in the engine that powered The Last of Us Part II. And it will feature a number of new mechanics.

Several screenshots of the new remake have made their way online. They show off various parts of the game, from the its opening minutes to quite later on. You can see some of them here, if you like. And there are some more over on Resetera, though Naughty Dog is taking swift action.

This is not the first time that the studio has had to battle against leaks. Just before the official reveal, the trailer made its way online via a listing on the PlayStation Direct store.

In other recent The Last of Us news, a former Naughty Dog developer defended the game against charges of being a cash grab. And, during Summer Game Fest, the studio revealed the new multiplayer expansion for Part II. We don’t know much about it, but we have a piece of concept art. And we know that it will be set in San Francisco, which is cool.