Quake, the Sega Saturn version will soon be playable on PC

Quake, the Sega Saturn version will soon be playable on PC


Over the past few years, several programmers have enjoyed porting console games to PCs. Now it will also be up to Quake, in Sega Saturn version, to suffer the same fate. After Zelda and Jak & Daxter, id Software's first person shooter for the console of the Japanese giant will therefore also land for PC, even if it is more of a real exercise in style, considering that the title is already available for computers in a native version.

Dated 1997, the Sega Saturn version of Quake was developed by Lobotomy Software. The work to bring it to PC began in September 2021 and almost a year later the progress made has been enormous. All game data can now be imported without problems, thanks to the FTEQW, while their reconstruction and texturing will be done using Blender. There are certainly some interesting reasons to be able to try the game when it is available and not be limited to the native PC version of course. The first concerns the presence of unique levels, as well as the inclusion of some easter eggs present only in the version for Sega Saturn.| ); }
sprite-based weapons (ported from the Saturn) and low- resolution graphics mode shown in action pic.twitter.com/267rAKrf87

- ⸸ Jaycie ✨ ⸸ (@JaycieErysdren) July 17, 2022

If you are a Quake lover, surely a test is a must. Unfortunately, there is still no indication of when it will be fully playable. “I have no idea when it will be published, but I am making important progress and I sincerely hope to launch it as soon as possible”, the words of Jaycie, in charge of this project. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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