Polestar O2 Concept could become a reality

Polestar O2 Concept could become a reality

A few months ago Polestar unveiled the concept of the Polestar O2 to the world, a project that many have appreciated for what it is, a design study and a way to develop technologies and shapes to be used on future models; in the last few hours, however, the CEO of Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath, has declared that his main ambition at the moment is to transform the Polestar O2 Concept into a car to be produced in series.

In an interview with Top Gear, Ingenlath stated that his dream is to turn the O2 Concept into a production car, but that the path to achieving this goal is far from simple.

“The complexity of the project must be respected. It will be necessary to understand what the future of O2 will be. Sometimes you can create a painting and leave it in a corner for a few months, and when you look back you can see if it's a really good painting. " | ); }
Should the Polestar O2 Concept ever go into production, it is very likely that it will be based on the bodywork of the Polestar 5, adequately modified to give life to the open roof that characterizes the concept of which the CEO of Polestar is he is in love. Polestar 5 is the Grand Tourer that the Volvo-owned brand will market in 2024, and thanks to the aluminum frame with reinforcements at the bottom it seems to be the perfect candidate to give life to a model like the O2 Concept.

Speaking of engines, Ingenlath said he was enthusiastic about the engines that Polestar is developing internally; thanks to this solution Polestar will be able to offer up to 870 horsepower on its cars, but with greater attention to road holding and driving pleasure - Polestar engineers are working to create a car that is pleasant to drive, and specifies in the curves.

Within a few years we could begin to see electric cars with exotic and captivating shapes, and the Polestar O2 Concept could be one of them.