Thanks to this Game Engine you can create your dream Pokémon games

Thanks to this Game Engine you can create your dream Pokémon games

How many times have you dreamed of creating your dream Pokémon game? Soon you can do it using a fantastic Game Engine created by a diehard fan of the most classic titles of the franchise starring the collectible creatures of Game Freak. Everything comes from the desire of this user, known on the net as 'Yana', who first used her engine to create a game, and then decided to release everything on the net.

Pokémon Crystal These are the plans of the passionate, who has posted an important announcement on her Twitter account. In addition to showing us a GIF including a series of creative possibilities that makes the Game Engine created by Yana available, the fan made project called Dokimon is also made official: a title that completely refers to the first chapters of the Pokémon brand released on Game Boy. | ); }
It's HERE ! The announcement of Dokimon and a NEW game making engine specifically made for Monster Tamer games.

This is the new era we all deserve. Limitless monster tamer games, made for gamers, by gamers.

- Yana (@yanako_rpgs) May 13, 2022

When everything is released upon download, fans of this particular JRPG sub-genre will be able to create and play their dream Pokémon game. All made with an artistic style very close to the titles released on the Game Boy.