Fall Guys: video shows a Sonic themed level, discovered through a leak

Fall Guys: video shows a Sonic themed level, discovered through a leak

Fall Guys

A new leak allows us to see a Fall Guys level dedicated to Sonic through a video. Specifically, this is an internship called Bean Hill Zone, an obvious reference to the Blue Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone.

Recall that a Sonic-themed costume appeared in Fall Guys in October 2020. Instead, in November 2021 a Knuckles themed costume has been released. Also, we know that both costumes will be available again this August and that of Tails will also add up. Initially it was thought that there was nothing else, but soon some information was found on a level inspired by the Green Hill Zone, as we had reported. Now, we also have a dedicated video.

This is a rectangular area that includes Sonic's classic red and blue springs, which allow the Fall Guys character to bounce and dash around the stage. The area also includes Sonic's loop-the-loop-style paths, although in this case they are tubes that automatically transport the Fall Guys character. It also seems that there are the classic gold rings, which you see in the second part of the video.

Mediatonic has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors, but it is credible that soon there will be a way to find out exactly what's new in Sonic-themed Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys season 2 to feature 9 new trials according to leaks

Since Fall Guys has become free for all on all platforms, the game's season system has been rebooted and its creators have started working on new tests and content for the future. And although there is still a month to go before the arrival of the new season 2, the game's data miners have already revealed some of the surprises and new features that we can expect from it. The names of 9 unpublished challenges and even images of each and every one of them are making the rounds on the Internet:

Fall Guys season 2 new tests

At the moment the names of nine supposed extra tests that will arrive with Fall Guys season 2 have been leaked. Beyond the video above these lines, it is unknown how they are and what they consist of exactly, but by their name, we can deduce that many will be a mere evolution or variant of previous challenges. Check them out here:

  • Space Race
  • Frantic Fabric
  • Hex-A-Terrestrial
  • Hyperdrive heroes
  • Tip Toe Final
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Robin (WWE Collaboration)
  • Cosmic Highway
  • Starchart
  • When does Fall Guys season 1 end?

    Fall Guys is currently immersed in Season 1, which is called 'Free for all!' and is actually Season 7. As we said at the beginning, the season counter has been reset as the game has become free. This new Season 1 will last until August 29, 2022.

    Like the rest of battle royale and service games, Fall Guys seasons last several months and with each one new tests, costumes, skins and unlockable rewards are introduced. Between each one, we have to play (and win) as many times as we can to level up our character and unlock all his skins, costumes and cosmetic items. Take a look at all the upcoming skins that will arrive to the game.