Fall Guys is free-to-play as of today, but has been removed from Steam

Fall Guys is free-to-play as of today, but has been removed from Steam

Fall Guys is free-to-play as of today

As previously announced, Fall Guys has officially become a free-to-play game. The Mediatonic title, launched in 2020 on PC and PlayStation consoles, can now be downloaded for free, also on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. However, there is a small detail: due to the agreement with Epic Games, the game has literally disappeared from Steam.

At the moment, in fact, the Steam version of Fall Guys is not more available for purchase. And it will, of course, never return to the Valve client catalog. Mediatonic has therefore embarked on the same, identical path as Psyonix, which when it published Rocket League on the Epic Games store was forced to remove the game from Steam. Both Psyonix and Mediatonic have in fact been acquired by Tim Sweeney and associates, thus making any future games of theirs not publishable on the Valve client.

The arrival of Fall Guys on the Epic Games Store has allowed the game to become free-to-play, following the same policy as Rocket League. Clearly, all additional content remains to be paid for, such as the DLCs that include coins for in-game purchases and the various skins. The most important news, however, certainly concerns the console version, since the title is now available on virtually any platform. A necessary step forward to ensure that even more users try the game, which is essential in a business model like the one chosen by Mediatonic.

Fall Guys is now free-to-play and available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and more

Fall Guys is here and ready to welcome all players because the game is now officially free-to-play.

Launching in 2020, Fall Guys has come a long way over the years bringing a ton of new seasonal content to the game with a variety of collaborations. Furthermore, the number of gamers who have access to the game has now expanded even further.

On launch, Fall Guys was only available for PS4 and PC, but now with the move to free-to-play, it’s launching for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and even Nintendo Switch.

But there’s more. Fall Guys is now fully cross-platform. This means that you can compete alongside your bean-shaped friends no matter what device they are playing the game on.

This is a massive day for Mediatonic as the devs reboot Fall Guys after its explosive arrival on the gaming scene in 2020. This reboot will bring a wealth of new content with the first free-to-play season aptly dubbed “Free For All.” This includes new challenges, rewards, and an update to the current progression system in the game.

When it launched, Fall Guys cost players on PC $19.99. Those who purchased the game will be rewarded with a Legacy Pack in celebration of the reboot, which includes exclusive cosmetics and free access to the new season’s pass.

No matter what console you game on, Fall Guys is now available to get in on the action completely for free.