Call of Duty Warzone and the Curse of the Invisible Skin: Roze is back!

Call of Duty Warzone and the Curse of the Invisible Skin: Roze is back!

Call of Duty Warzone and the Curse of the Invisible Skin

Throughout the long history of Call of Duty Warzone there are more moments left in the collective memory of anyone who has approached the game. Activision's battle royale has evolved multiple times by changing faces and game modes, but if there's one thing that still doesn't change it's an annoying glitch. Surely you have already heard of the Roze skin, a real nightmare for Warzone players, since those who used this skin could become invisible in the darkest areas of the map.

Several times Activision corrected the shot by fixing this devastating glitch, but when we least expected it, the Roze skin is back to doing what it has always done best: becoming invisible and making players angry. This time, however, there is an even more terrible new problem, given that the known skin is not only difficult to spot in the darkest areas of the map, but also appears invisible in bright sunlight.| ); }
We know that Raven Software just published a corrective patch for Call of Duty Warzone just yesterday, but no changes to this issue have been underlined in the notes. The most recent patch, in fact, has acted on model collisions and performance, but it cannot be ruled out that another patch may arrive in the next few days to resolve the return of the invisible skin as well.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Roze skin is now invisible in the day as well

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 has delivered a range of good, new stuff so far, particularly in the shape of Fortune’s Keep, and the much sought-after gold keycards. But the new version of the Roze skin, named Violet Stealth, is starting to cause problems, as a glitch is making the players who wear it turn invisible, even on daytime maps.

The original version of Roze – an all-black bodysuit, which even covers the face – frustrated players who complained that it made wearers too difficult to see on dark and night-time maps. The new Violet Stealth skin, also known as Roze 3.0, attempts to address this with the addition of bright purple strip lights, which run down the arms and hands, and accent the helmet.

However, as spotted by Charlie Intel, one Warzone YouTuber has identified an issue where the new Roze skin seems to make wearers invisible once they are 50m to 60m away from your position.

Mr. Fishy McFish (it’s hard not to smile when quoting some of these names) posted a video which appeared to show how the Roze skin fails to properly render at around 50m, but then occasionally flashes back into existence as you adjust your angle and field of view. At 60m, the player wearing the Roze skin seems to vanish entirely, until they start moving again, at which point they become visible, but still not fully detailed or defined.

This isn’t the first time that an invisible skin glitch has appeared in Warzone. Back in January, the Awoken Francis skin introduced as part of season 1 would turn players invisible save for a floating, orange facemask. That issue was quickly patched out, though other skins continued to be plagued with the invisibility issue.

Raven Software released a new patch for Warzone on June 30 which addressed a variety of issues relating to collision detection and performance. It’s possible that a new patch, fixing the Roze issue, will arrive soon.

In other Warzone skin news, a hacker was recently spotted wearing a chic little number that we expect to see later in season 4.