The Last of Us Part 1: remake images, videos and details leaked [updated]

The Last of Us Part 1: remake images, videos and details leaked [updated]

The Last of Us Part 1

During the night, a series of images and a video taken from the initial stages of The Last of Us Part 1 leaked online. Much of the material was subsequently removed by the author of the leak, who on the other hand also shared a series of alleged information on the remake and the graphics modes provided for the PS5.

The images and the video immortalize the initial stages of the game and have been shared on the ResetEra forums at this address. Watch out for spoilers: the video in particular shows one of the most important and touching sequences of the game, so avoid watching it if you have never played the first The Last of Us.

Update of 21/07/2022: during during the night, more videos and images from The Last of Us Remake popped up on the net, which were included in the same ResetEra thread that we linked above. In particular, the videos show gameplay sequences with fights and the new workbench where Joel can modify and upgrade weapons.

The new stolen material comes from XboxERA's Nick Backer, who also shared images of the accessibility options below, very similar to those featured in The Last of Us Part 2. L The insider also said that at the moment it would appear that the remake for PS5 and PC does not include the controls for crouching, swiping and dodging present in the sequel, a sign that in many ways the gameplay will remain faithful to the original for PS3.

The original news follows:

As mentioned at the beginning, the author of the leak also shared a series of details, which we recommend immediately to take with a grain of salt. The deep throat claims not to have noticed any noteworthy changes to the gameplay, contrary to what was stated by Naughty Dog and Sony, but at the most of the improvements in terms of animations and audio sector.

The leaker also stated that the game supports VRR and has two graphics modes: the "Gameplay Mode" at 4K and 40 fps, a bit like that of Horizon Foribidden West, and the "Dynamic Mode" at 4K and 60 fps. Additionally, he confirmed that the game includes a range of accessibility options similar to The Last of Us Part 2 and that when Joel upgrades a weapon we will now see him physically add components or apply modifications.

Before leaving, we remind you that The Last of Us Part 1 will be available on PS5 starting from September 2nd and will subsequently arrive on PC.

Have you noticed any errors?

“Fans” annoyed that The Last of Part 1 Remake has the same animations as the original game

It was just the other day when, during the MonkeyPox apocalypse, that I decided that I really should change just how I smash an infected Monkeypoxxer with a baseball bat. I was half way through my normal swing, which began with the bat over my right shoulder when it occurred to me that I really should mix things up.

Quickly dodging backwards to avoid a bite from the infected – a Sainsbury’s employee who was wearing a polite “My name is Susan, can I help you?” badge – I tossed the bat in the air and caught it with my left hand. “Let’s give Susan a proper send off!” I thought as she screamed in rage at me. I swung the bat with gusto.


I completely missed timed the shot as I’m right handed, and there was no power to the blow and Susan chewed my face off.

Damn you Monkeypox.

So, anyway, some footage of The Last of Us Part 1 remake has leaked and you will be shocked to hear that it looks just like The Last of Us Part 1, just a bit better. Joel and Ellie move exactly like Joel and Ellie should move and have the same animations as the did in the original game.

Because they are Joel and Ellie, not someone else who has a different style of fighting. 

For some reason some delightful people on the internet think that for the remake Joel and Ellie should not move like Joel and Ellie, because that means Naught Dog have been incredibly lazy and have not made new animations for them. The phrase “cash grab” has been tweeted in reference to unchanged animations.

In fairness, Sony have said this is “complete remake of The Last of Us” which may lead some people to think the entire game has been remade, but I think my little story above gives a fairly decent reason why Joel should swing a baseball in exactly the same manner as has always done.

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