F-Zero: asking Nintendo for the sequel costs a lot!

F-Zero: asking Nintendo for the sequel costs a lot!


How much does it cost to ask Nintendo for an F-Zero sequel directly? At least £ 30,000. No, we are not crazy: sending an email to the Japanese giant is still free (unless you are using a PEC), but asking the management directly is not. Yes, because all the executives of the publisher and developer, including its president, meet only on a single occasion, namely the calls with shareholders and investors. And it is only people belonging to one of the two categories that can ask their questions. And that's what a fan did.

In order to be able to ask the president of Nintendo if there are any ideas for making sequels or remakes of dormant IPs like F-Zero, a fan has bought about 5 million Yen (£ 30,000) in shares. All this, literally, just to be able to participate in the call with shareholders and investors and expose a question that many fans are looking for an answer to.| ); }
Clearly, the purchase of Nintendo shares also has another purpose, which is to make money. Normally, those who invest in a company like the Japanese one have a long-term goal, which is to make the money put in profit and end up with a little more capital after a few years. But surely having asked that specific question also shows that the person behind this purchase is also a real fan of the works produced by Kyoto. The purchase of the shares, therefore, will certainly have been more pleasant than expected!

That guy that asked Nintendo about F-Zero paid £34,000 just to raise the question

Do you like F-Zero? Not as much as this guy (pic: Nintendo)

Perhaps the most diehard Nintendo fan of all time bought stock in the company just so he could ask about obscure old games.

Earlier this week, one of Nintendo’s shareholders asked the company if it had any plans to release a new F-Zero game. That seemed a pretty odd thing to do at the time but it turns out the backstory of the person asking the question is pretty bizarre.

You have to be a shareholder to attend the shareholder meeting (natch) and so one plucky, and presumably rich, fan decided to spend over ¥5.6 million yen (£34,000) on Nintendo stock, just to bring up the questions he wanted answered.

During the meeting, he specifically asked about potential sequels or remakes for several older properties, including F-Zero – which hasn’t seen a new entry in nearly 20 years.

F-Zero is positively cutting edge compared to some of the other games he brought up though, including Baten Kaitos, Wario Land, The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls, Trade & Battle: Card Hero, and Chōsōjū Mecha MG.

We’re not sure what kind of answer he was expecting but the one he got was predictably vague, as Nintendo merely said that it is ‘thinking about a wide range of interesting ways to try new and old things.’

The fan, only identified by his Twitter handle of Momiji, has since been praised by others for bringing the subject up, and has even received requests to mention other dormant franchises in future meetings.

Speaking with Business Insider, he explained that he bought the stock in February, after selling stock in another company to pay for it.

While he had enough to attend the meeting, he wasn’t guaranteed an opportunity to ask a question, so he was taking quite the gamble.

A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that you need at least 100 shares of stock to get to attend the meetings, which was exactly how much Momoji bought.

‘I have been playing Nintendo games since I was a child,’ he told Business Insider. ‘Among them, I can’t get enough of that sense of speed of F-Zero.’

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‘It is realistically difficult to develop new titles and remakes, including sequels, for every Nintendo game that people request,’ said Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa when asked about Momoji’s question. ‘But we are very grateful and appreciate the expectations our fans have for our games.’

As for F-Zero, it’s been suggested in the past that Nintendo isn’t interested in making a new one unless it can come up with a ‘grand new idea.’ Any fan will tell you that they’d be perfectly happy with just a re-release of F-Zero GX.

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