Eleven wanted Stranger Things 4 as Game of Thrones

Eleven wanted Stranger Things 4 as Game of Thrones

A couple of weeks ago, the Stranger Things 4 finale was referred to as "carnage", but it didn't happen according to Millie Bobby Brown, the Eleven actress. The latter has shown all her disappointment about the fact, arguing that in the cast there are still too many "veteran" actors alive and stressing that the blame is to be attributed to the marked sensitivity of the Duffer brothers, creators of the original Netflix series.

Eleven in an official image of Stranger Things 4

The actress of Eleven on the ending of Stranger Things 4

During a recent interview reported by bleedingcool.com, the actress said she wanted to see more blood in Stranger Things, as happened in the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones. Below you can read the words of Millie Bobby Brown, with which she seems to "scold" the two directors:

Last night, at the premiere, we were unable to take a group photo because there were 50 of us. I thought : 'We have to start killing people.' The Duffer brothers are two “sensitive Sallys” who don't want to kill anyone. We must be like Game of Thrones. | ); }
What did Millie call us? She said we are 'sensitive Sally'. She is hilarious. Believe us, we've explored all the options at the writing stage. We are not 'Game of Thrones'. This is Hawkins, this is not Westeros. You have to treat Stranger Things in a realistic way, right? When Barb dies, it has repercussions for two seasons. Every death must have an impact. There is a logic behind it.

There should have been more victims in the Stranger Things 4 finale, it's true, but Matt Duffer made it clear that the decisions made have nothing to do with their sensitivity: “This is basically me defending myself against the allegations of Millie Bobby Brown and I explain that there are lives behind it. It has nothing to do with my sensitivity ”. To stay on the subject of Stranger Things, we point out that on Amazon you can buy Steve's tank top as a babysitter!