Bungie Day 2022: special offers and Destiny 2 themed initiatives, including NERF's Gjallarhorn

Bungie Day 2022: special offers and Destiny 2 themed initiatives, including NERF's Gjallarhorn

Bungie Day 2022

Also this year we celebrate Bungie Day, the annual tradition created by the community. For the occasion, the software house has decided to celebrate by offering discounts of up to 50% on the Bungie Store and has also opened reservations for the spectacular limited edition NERF Destiny 2 Gjaallarhorn blaster, which you can admire in the video below. >
New Bungie Store items and offers include:

A collection of Gjallarhorn-themed products created by community artists The Hive Worm Puppet (pre-order) Steam Discounts for Destiny 2 Expansions and Packs

Purchasing certain Bungie Store products by July 13 will entitle you to the new Eternal Legacy emblem.

Players who have acquired the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher by completing the related achievement available in the Destiny 2 Pack: 30 Years of Bungie can now pre-order the Destiny 2 NERF LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster at this address.

The initiatives of Bungie Day 2022, however, do not end there. In fact, the Festival of Generosity (Giving Festival) has also begun. The event will conclude on July 20 with more than fifty members of the Bungie community being involved in various broadcasts to raise funds for the Bungie Foundation, thus supporting the health and well-being of children, providing humanitarian aid and funding activities focused on diversity. inclusion and social justice. Players will be able to unlock new Destiny 2 cosmetic items with their donations.

"The Bungie Foundation partners with Make-A-Wish to fulfill the wishes of seriously ill children. Purchase the Loyal Companion emote - inspired by Cristian's desire to see his dog Artemis immortalized in Destiny, available in the Everversum store until August 22 (end of season 17). Or receive Prime-40's Artemis plush at home by ordering it from the Bungie Store. All proceeds from sales of the Loyal Companion emote and Artemis puppet will go to Bungie Foundation. "

Destiny 2, a Savathun cosplay In addition, Bungie asked nine cosplayers from different countries, including Kamichan83, to create their own interpretation of the one who gave the name to the latest expansion of Destiny 2: Savathûn, the Queen of Whispers. The shot above is an example of the splendid work done, which you can admire in full on the official Bungie website, at this address.

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Published on July 8th, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak

Happy Bungie Day, an annual celebration created by Bungie’s global community! Today Bungie is celebrating with new merch and discounts of up to 50% off  in the Bungie Store. Players who have acquired the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher by completing the quest in the Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack can now pre-order the NERF LMTD Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Blaster.*

New Bungie Store merchandise includes:

  • Gjallarhorn-themed Community Artist Series collection
  • Hive Worm Plush, now available for pre-order
  • Discounts on Steam keys for Destiny 2 expansions and packs
  • A new Heritage Eternal emblem will be included with purchases of select items on the Bungie Store through July 14 AEST.

    The Bungie Day Giving Festival is now live until July 21 AEST. Over fifty members of the Bungie Community will host live streams to fundraise for the Bungie Foundation, with funds used to support children’s health and well-being, humanitarian aid and inclusion, diversity, and equity projects. Players can donate to unlock new cosmetics in Destiny 2.

    The Bungie Foundation has partnered with Make-A-Wish to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Purchase the Loyal Companion emote—inspired by Cristian’s wish to have his dog Artemis immortalized in Destiny (learn more about his story here)—at the Eververse store until Season 17 ends on August 23 AEST. Or take home a real-life plushy version of Prime-40’s Artemis through the Bungie Store. 100% of the profits from the Loyal Companion emote and Artemis plush will support the Bungie Foundation.

    Bungie has also collaborated with nine cosplayers worldwide, including local Australian cosplayer WhereIsDanielle, to create their interpretations of Savathûn, the Witch Queen, the titular character in Destiny 2’s latest expansion. Visit the official Bungie blog post to see their amazing creations.

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