Twitch, a social experiment confirms its extreme sexualization

Twitch, a social experiment confirms its extreme sexualization


Since Twitch began to explode, more or less coinciding with the first lokcdown caused by the COVID epidemic, the Amazon-owned platform has welcomed an impressive number of streamers and users. It is practically impossible to keep up with all the daily broadcasts that take place on the platform, and new phenomena and trends are emerging more and more often that are the most popular.

Twitch Twitch is no longer just the home of gamers, but you can find all kinds of content. There are also those who, for example, enjoy offering their community more experimental content such as the well-known twitcher 'poopernoodle', a girl who recently found herself in the spotlight of the web for a particular content that she thought of propose on your channel.

to the people qtring insisting I have proved that women have it easier on twitch: women are not boobs.

What’s stopping you from buying a pair of honkers and just trying it out yourself? ☺️

- poopernoodle (@poopernoodle) July 3, 2022

As we can see from the post published on Twitter by the streamer in question , all the stats related to his Twitch channel had an impressive surge during the live in which he wore the bodice. This result confirmed the impressions of the streamer, but not only, with the girl who stated the following: "I have shown all those people who insisted women have an easier life on Twitch: women are not boobs. What's stopping you from buying a couple of bombs and trying it out for yourself? ”.

This streamer's social experiment has had its results, demonstrating how the audience on the platform gives much more importance to how they present themselves in front of a webcam rather than the content they offer during live broadcasts. To give greater confirmation to all this are the past broadcasts of the streamer, with the VODs of the streming with fake breasts that have exaggeratedly higher numbers than all the other contents that the girl normally makes on her channel.

Twitch Is Experimenting With Guest Stars, Channel Surfing, Shared Bans

Twitch is currently experimenting with a couple of features that, at least in theory, would make it easier for viewers and streamers alike to have a positive experience on the streaming platform.

The first feature is called Guest Star. It's supposed to make it easier for streamers to bring other people—whether they're viewers or fellow content creators—into their livestreams.

The second feature is called Channel Switcher. Twitch announced the experiment, which allows viewers to preview streams without navigating to the site's homepage, in a June 30 tweet:

Twitch told The Verge(Opens in a new window) that 'only a small percentage of users who are logged in' have access to Channel Switcher. The company also clarified that Channel Switcher would allow viewers to watch up to a minute of a given stream without being interrupted by advertisements.

The third feature is tentatively known as 'shared bans.' It too was revealed on June 30, but instead of being showcased by Twitch itself, the feature was spotted by Zach Bussey:

The idea behind shared bans seems fairly straightforward. Instead of requiring streamers to ban known trolls from their chats on an ad hoc basis, like the current system does, the new shared ban lists would allow streamers to block abusive viewers from their channels en masse.

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These features could help make Twitch more enjoyable to use. Guest Star could make streams more interactive, Channel Switcher might help address the problem of what people should watch if their favorite streamers are offline, and shared bans may allow those streamers to make their chats a more enjoyable place for people to hang out without having to worry about known trolls.

Twitch says that Guest Star will be available to some creators this summer, and told The Verge that Channel Switcher will be available until mid-July, at which point it will be shut down so it can evaluate the results of the experiment. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for more information about the shared bans feature's availability.

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