Rachele Aragno designs Leonide The Vampyr for Mike Mignola

Rachele Aragno designs Leonide The Vampyr for Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, is ready to launch Leonide The Vampyr: Miracle at the Crow's Head, his latest project for Dark Horse. The release of this new comic series is scheduled for next October and will see a surprising participation: collaborating with the legendary cartoonist will be Rachele Aragno, creator of the popular graphic novel series Melvina (available for purchase online).

Leonide The Vampyr: what is it?

Leonide The Vampyr will be a series of one-shot adventures in color that will tell how the everyday life of a place and its inhabitants will be subverted from the arrival of a young vampire. According to what released by Dark Horse Leonide The Vampyr: Miracle at the Crow's Head will be set in a small coastal village inhabited by quiet people, who live simple lives. The fate of the village will change when an old wreck is found: the vessel hides a small coffin and its occupant inside. What initially seems a curious event and a harbinger of many novelties will soon turn into a real ordeal that will put a strain on the peaceful village and all its inhabitants.

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According to both Aragno and from Mignola, the genesis of Leonide The Vampyr is due to a drawing by Aragno, who portrayed in his unmistakable style a vampire capable of conquering Mignola. Aragno's trait and the character's ghostly eyes impressed the creator of Hellboy to such an extent that he wanted to build his own story around it.

The collaboration between Aragno and Mignola is nothing new, in fact the Italian cartoonist in the past he had lent his pencils for the realization of a variant cover of Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land, which had particularly impressed Mignola, who had praised Aragno's work.