Little Nightmares: Bandai Namco's new contest invites you to share the worst nightmares

Little Nightmares: Bandai Namco's new contest invites you to share the worst nightmares

Little Nightmares

Bandai Namco has launched a new contest linked to the Little Nightmares franchise, with which it invites participants to share their worst nightmares. Yes, all you have to do to participate is to describe what was the most tormented dream of your life, by 21 July 2022.

How to participate is explained on the official page of the competition:

Ah, a new guinea pig, perfect.

Don't worry about the whys and wherefores of the experiment, it's for another time. We have some simple questions for you.

Have you ever had a bad dream where you were in a strange place? Not a heroic adventure in the Maw or the Pale City. A nightmare where you were small and vulnerable and all alone in an unknown place.

Well. Perfect.

Write everything you saw in your nightmare below and you may be the lucky one who shared his experience with the wider scientific community, a truly unique honor!

Do your best to earn it!

Of course there are also rewards:

Each participant will receive a free 4K Little Nightmares wallpaper.

The presentation of the 1st place winner's nightmare will be part of a future audio project. The winner will also receive a Little Nightmares gadget prize package (worth € 200).

2nd to 5th place winners will receive a Little Nightmares t-shirt and screen print.

Have you noticed any errors?

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When David Reed, Co-Founder of LLCStars, moved, he had a strategic plan with stops along the way. “Initially, the second stop was a consignment shop where I wanted to leave some extra furniture,” says David.

“Halfway through, the movers decided we must do that stop first. They had to offload some furniture to get the stuff back, then reload everything back into the truck.” While this seemed like an easy-to-do task for David, it caused some confusion among the movers.

After reaching their final destination and offloading the truck’s contents, the movers tell David they’re done for the day. “What do you mean, done? Where’s my bed? They left it on the loading dock of the consignment shop, which was now closed.” Flustered, sleepless and exhausted, David fell asleep sitting on an exercise ball leaning against the wall.

“The next day, I called the shop and learned they can’t accept beds, so they usually send them to the landfill. But in this case, an employee had taken it to donate to the needy. In Tijuana.”