Hideo Kojima is very concerned about videogame preservation

Hideo Kojima is very concerned about videogame preservation

The video game medium is relatively young compared to cinema or music, and this implies that there are still several situations that must find their maturity within the market and the sector. One of the aspects much criticized by the fans themselves is the preservation of some classic video games, and to join this chorus now there is also the well-known game designer Hideo Kojima, who has had his say on the matter just recently.

The virtual place where Hideo Kojima's recent statements have been published is his Twitter profile, an account that the very popular Japanese game designer keeps updated on a daily basis, showing us glimpses of his days and collections. This time, however, the good Kojima wanted to express his thoughts about videogame preservation, bringing out the concern for how things are nowadays.


However, unlike movies, software, hardware, and tastes have a short life span. Even if the images and objects survive, they cannot be played. Still, it has survived as a MEME.

- HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) July 18, 2022 | more modern with remake or remastered, but it is also true that the videogame world has expanded so much that there are still countless video games that are still inaccessible, especially if they are titles that based the experience on online and on necessity to rely on servers. What do you think of videogame preservation? Do you believe that progress is being made or could even more be done to allow anyone not to miss the titles of the past?