Gil-galad and Elrond allies for the Rings of Power?

Gil-galad and Elrond allies for the Rings of Power?

Last week the first exclusive images of Celebrimbor and Elrond together emerged on social media, now reports new details on the character played by Robert Aramayo and on the relationship between the latter and Gil-galad, played by Benjamin Walker in the TV series of Prime Video The Rings of Power. Set in the Second Era, a time of which we still know little, the new production aims to address all the most important events in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien concerning the period: the forging of the rings, the rise of Sauron the Dark Lord, the epic story of Númenor and the Last Covenant between Elves and Men.

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Gil-galad and The Rings of Power

The relationship between Gil-galad and Elrond in The Rings of Power

During an interview with Nerdist, Benjamin Walker stated that in the series Gil- Galad will be Elrond's mentor: he will help him in finding his place in Middle-earth. The character, the High King of the Elves, will play a pivotal role in encouraging Elrond to pursue his fate, and in the meantime the two form an alliance. Below you can read Benjamin Walker's words on the relationship dynamic between Gil-galad and Elrond in The Rings of Power:

Gil-galad encourages him to take the first steps and the journey towards his final destiny. But he does it as a loving parent would, which is by allowing children to make their own mistakes or by encouraging them to do things and convince them that it was their idea. Gil-galad's fate has already been explored, albeit briefly, in The Fellowship of the Ring, but The Rings of Power will show the epic story of the leader who led him to that end.| ); }