Ford and disability: the robotic charging station is being tested

Ford and disability: the robotic charging station is being tested

Ford and disability

The spread of electric mobility is proceeding rapidly, and we must also think in an inclusive perspective: for this reason Ford has committed itself to the development of a robotic charging station that can be operated from inside the passenger compartment, thus allowing disabled motorists, to the elderly, and in general to all those with reduced mobility, to recharge without difficulty.

The system is controlled via the driver's smartphone and is designed to be "hands free", essentially you can start charging your vehicle without actually getting off or touching the column; once activated, the system uses a small camera to insert the robotic arm (which is nothing more than the charging cable, but much more technological) into the charging socket, with the possibility of deciding whether to stay on board or get off the auto during the reload phase.

The first tests, carried out both in the laboratory and in real life contexts, have proved to be very promising, and the development of this technology could also bring benefits to the rest of the market: think of a charging system for all, able to recognize our electric car and start the charging process without any input from us - it would be a great revolution compared to current systems, both with respect to charging stations and with regard to petrol pumps.

Ford once again confirms its great commitment to electrification and does so with an inclusive project with great future potential, ensuring maximum mobility for all motorists.

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