Drivers for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs do not support mining

Drivers for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs do not support mining

Intel recently entered the dedicated graphics card market, but the fight against industry giants such as AMD and NVIDIA, especially due to the vast experience of the latter, will be very tough.

In addition to the technical specifications, undoubtedly important, if not fundamental, the presence of adequate and constantly updated drivers will definitely make the difference. The Santa Clara company has already anticipated that it will make sure to adequately support all the most modern titles (which may have left more "retro" video game enthusiasts quite unhappy), but certainly a category that will remain "dry-mouthed" will be the cryptocurrency miners.

Well, Intel GPU drivers work great, but sadly no mining program seems to support them yet. I tried NiceHashMining, trex miner, lolminer, teamreeminer (all on Windows). I guess we'll have to wait [the Hive OS mining platform].

Recall that Intel has currently only distributed the Arc A380 model, equipped with the ACM-G11 chip accompanied by 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM with a speed of 16Gb / s, to which a bandwidth of 96- is dedicated. bit. The GPU, built on TSMC's N6 node, has 128 FP32 cores for each Xe core, reaching a total of 1024 cores. From the performance point of view, the product occupies the mid-range of the market and, according to the benchmarks published by Intel itself, it should be slower than a GeForce GTX 1650. Surely, at present the miners will not buy up Arc A380, contributing to don't push the number of pieces on the market.

Intel Graphics Division executives recently showed the Arc A770 Limited Edition graphics card in action at an episode of the WAN Show for the first time. In case you are interested, find all the details in our previous dedicated article.