Can you drive without a shirt in the summer?

Can you drive without a shirt in the summer?

With the thermometer reaching 40 degrees, wearing a t-shirt or even just a tank top when driving can be really uncomfortable and turn into a nightmare. To beat the heat, especially in holiday resorts, it is not uncommon to see shirtless people walking or riding a scooter. While for the scooter we may have some doubts in terms of safety, the protections would always be better to use them, for the car there are problems or is everything allowed?

What the Highway Code says

The CdS does not make any mention of it and the need to wear particular clothing or not is not expressed; the only recommendation is that the driver has full freedom of movement. In short, all clear! Comfort first of all and how is it possible to be uncomfortable with a shirtless torso?

Art. 169 paragraph 1: In all vehicles the driver must have the greatest freedom of movement to carry out the maneuvers necessary for driving.

The risks of bare-chested driving

What happens when you get out of the car? While for women the speech is clear, for men it is not a real administrative offense unless it is specifically indicated as in an ordinance of the Veneto municipality of Cadoneghe which, a few years ago, had prohibited motor activity in shirtless in public areas or for public use. Here too, as in the case of slippers, the advice is simple: no matter how annoying it is, always keep a light garment at hand to wear while driving so as to avoid any abrasions caused by the seat belt.