Bitwarden will introduce passwordless login support

Bitwarden will introduce passwordless login support

Bitwarden, well-known password manager, has recently updated the roadmap for 2022, that is the plan of updates and new features that will be implemented during the year.

Among the most interesting innovations, certainly there is the support for passwordless access options, a feature already adopted by other brands such as LastPass and which will soon be available in Microsoft, Google and Apple products, possibly over the next year.

Access without password, also known as passwordless technology, is a technique that involves the use of alternative tools, in fact, to the password, which can be of various kinds: from the smartphone to other technologies, such as the FIDO note, which is based on the encryption of keys public.

Another interesting feature that will come is the sharing of items in the vault, which should therefore simplify the secure transmission of a password to another device or user.

Among the other implementations planned for the second half of 2022 and considered priorities for the Research and Development department, we also note the presence of the notification center: there is not much information about it, but we can assume that it will help user to understand if, for example, there have been some failed login attempts or perhaps the signaling of passwords that are too simple, repeated or, possibly, even compromised.