Ana de Armas doesn't need a woman Bond, but new Bond girls

Ana de Armas doesn't need a woman Bond, but new Bond girls

Ana de Armas doesn't need a woman Bond

The fate of James Bond, the most famous spy in cinema, is always at the center of the attention of the sector. After No Time to Die, the last chapter of His Majesty's spy saga of the Craig era, the search for the future interpreter of 007 has, as usual, immediately become one of the hottest fantasy casting. Among those who would be ready to see incredible revolutions for the character and those who would prefer to preserve the retro spirit of Bond, one of the interpreters of the last chapter of Craig's Bond also enters the discussion, who has her say clearly on one of the hottest topics on this topic: according to Ana de Armas you don't need a female Bond, agreeing with what was previously argued also by Daniel Craig.

Not a female Bond but new Bond Girls: the future of James Bond according to Ana de Armas

La de Armas in No Time to Die played Paloma, Bond's contact in Cuba, becoming one of the two Bond Girls in this film. His Paloma has garnered the public's favor, thanks to a mix of beauty and ironic characterization, but the actress's opinion on the possibility of a female Bond was clear:

“No need of a Bond. There should be no need to steal someone else's character to move forward. It is a novel, and this takes us into the world of James Bond and into the fantasy of the universe of which he is a part. What I would like for female figures in Bond films, even if Bond remains a man, is that they are conceived differently, that they are recognized as important and that they are respected. I think this would be more interesting than radically changing things "| ); }
No Time To Die has witnessed a partial passage of the title of British spy par excellence to a woman, when Nomi (Lashana Lynch) inherits the title of 007 from Bond, but considering this film as the closing of a cycle we can expect that the next film in the saga will deliver us a new Bond. Among the big names that have emerged in recent times to interpret the next gunbarrel sequence there are excellent candidates, but we still don't know who will be given the next license to kill

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