Take-Two CEO Downplays Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Take-Two CEO Downplays Xbox Backwards Compatibility

In recent years, backwards compatibility has become an increasingly important factor on consoles, allowing gamers to enjoy games from past generations on modern hardware.

Xbox has been betting heavily on this segment, while Sony is also looking to expand its catalog of classics. Meanwhile, many question whether Nintendo's next console will feature backwards compatibility.

Strauss Zelnick, the current CEO of Take-Two, recently spoke to IGN about his thoughts on backwards compatibility. While he thinks it's a positive feature, he sees it more as an extra for players and not essential on a new console.

[Backward Compatibility] is a benefit for consumers. I would be surprised if platforms don't offer this with a mid-gen upgrade, however I'm not sure it's essential.

Speaking of mid-gen upgrades for consoles, there have been a lot of rumors recently about a PS5 Pro. However, while the CEO claims that whether such an upgrade is really necessary will depend on what these new consoles look like, overall he believes it won't make much difference.

"Generally speaking, the mid-generation upgrades haven't changed much," commented Zelnick. For him, these changes are not significant enough to change the way developers create and sell their games.

As for the next Nintendo Switch, whether it will be an entirely new generation or just a mid-season upgrade generation, the CEO says that "it's not known yet", but in any case, he believes that Take-Two will certainly support the console.