Starfield gains important new details

Starfield gains important new details

With the official release of Starfield ever closer, key Bethesda Game Studios employees continue to share new details on the space RPG.

Recently, Bethesda Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, Pete Hines, shared a wealth of new information about Starfield.

And that was it. part that Pete Hines confirmed that the community will be able to simply create planets, something that was quite requested by players, however, he did not provide many details.

Check out the information:

  • The game doesn't really start until after the main quest;
  • This is your favorite Bethesda main quest of all time;
  • It's a once he was accidentally sucked into the vacuum of space because he entered an enemy ship and the pilot took off;
  • There are several points of interest throughout the galaxy that can be found. One example he gave was a set of farms where people provide resources to the inhabitants of other planets;
  • Modders will be able to create planets;
  • Certain companions will get annoyed with you if you do bad things. Some relationships with friends can be ruined;
  • Lots of settlements with their own people and quests to find outside the main cities;
  • New Game Plus is related to the main story, so it doesn't could say a word about it. Says it's different from most mechanics in New Game Plus and is quite "special";
  • It doesn't know if you can fly from planet to planet, as Grav Driving is much faster (Apparently it takes just a few seconds);
  • Weapon mods combined with skills are really diverse. Said he felt like Iron Man at one point;
  • Player can get wanted status, but there is a way to remove it from yourself;
  • The Museum in Nova Atlântida explains the story of the game. The colony war, what happened to Earth, etc;
  • The boost skills are really important and fun;
  • There are a huge amount of creatures. He has no idea how many are in the game;
  • He also has no idea how long it would take to complete 100% of the game. Says after 150 hours, it's not even close;
  • Lots of post-launch mod support;
  • Quest boards may ask you to build outposts on planets;
  • >
  • He gave a funny example where the mission board gave him a mission to take two people to another planet (space taxi?). After 5 hours, he found the 2 people still aboard his ship and realized that he had completely forgotten to take them to their destination;
  • Too many Easter eggs;
  • No limit of time level (he thinks);
  • Beginner guides are also apparently planned to be released;
  • Players who have tried Starfield on PC have reported good optimization.
Starfield launches on PC and Xbox consoles on September 6, 2023. The game also arrives Day-One via Xbox Game Passa>a>.