Microsoft plans to invest even more in Tango Gameworks studio

Microsoft plans to invest even more in Tango Gameworks studio

After becoming popular working on the survival horror franchise The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks decided to expand its catalogue. First there was the magical shooter Ghostwire: Tokyo and more recently the rhythm action title Hi-Fi Rush.

Despite deviating from the proposal for which the studio is known, Hi-Fi Rush turned out to be a pleasant surprise for players, receiving many positive comments, especially for being released on the same day it was announced.

It seems that it's not just gamers who are happy with Tango's games. According to journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, Microsoft is very excited about the studio's future and plans to invest even more in them.

Microsoft is very , very, very happy with this studio, they really like this studio and they're reinvesting in it and they care a lot about this studio having a bright future. Take it what you will, but to me it means that regardless of how it performs in raw numbers, they believe this studio will continue to make amazing things.

According to the rumours, Tango Gameworks would currently be working on two separate projects, with the closest to release being a new title in the JRPG genre, while the other would be an entirely new IP as yet undisclosed, possibly with multiplayer elements.