Alaskan Road Truckers studio struggles on Xbox Series S

Alaskan Road Truckers studio struggles on Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S console is undoubtedly the best value for money currently, as it offers the person the chance to enter the new generation, spending little, if compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Over the past few months, many studios have been sharing their thoughts on what it's like to work with the Xbox Series S, and it looks like the situation is not very encouraging, a great example is Larian Studios itself with Baldur's Gate III.

Recently the CEO of the studio Road Studio S.A of Alaskan Road Truckers, was interviewed and questioned about the differences of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, which according to the CEO, both consoles have their own unique "challenges and opportunities", but it is with the Xbox Series S that the real challenge arises that the studio is happy to take on. blockquote class="wp-block-quote">

“Reducing consoles to teraflops really doesn't adequately represent them. It is not possible to say about its complexity in a single number. They come with their own challenges and opportunities. For example, Xbox has two variants – S|X – that you need to optimize for.”
“Both Xbox and PS5 also have unique features that complement the games, but are also expected or at least recommended by the platforms , and you need to develop them.”

“However, at the same time, both come with unique opportunities and are great platforms to develop. For us, the biggest challenge is Xbox Series S, but it's a challenge we're happy to take on.”

In addition to Larian Studios with Baldur's Gate III on Xbox Series S, recently even Remedy Entertainment commented on difficulties with the Xbox Series S.