Minecraft has been rated for Xbox Series X|S

Minecraft has been rated for Xbox Series X|S

It appears that Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios are planning to release a new version of Minecraft for the Xbox Series X|S, as it was recently discovered that the game was rated in Germany.

It is good to mention that as of this writing, there is no “native” version of Minecraft on Xbox Series X |S, and yes only the Xbox One. This classification indicates that this version could arrive very soon.

The details are still unknown, but this new version should have improvements to take advantage of all the hardware of the Xbox Series X|S. And for those who wonder if we will have a PS5 version, nothing has been discovered so far.

We are close to Gamescom 2023 and Microsoft has already confirmed its presence at the event and intends to reveal news from several games. In that same presentation, the announcement of the Xbox Series version of Minecraft may occur, let's wait!

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games in the world, offering players incredible freedom. You can simply create your “world” and have fun!

Minecraft is now available on virtually all platforms, including mobile.