Redfall can barely keep 40 daily players

Redfall can barely keep 40 daily players

The game Redfall has been available since May of this year and in a short time the title developed by Arkane was massacred by the specialized media, as well as by the player community.

The open world and cooperative game arrived with problems in several things, mainly in the artificial intelligence of the enemies and in the end it became a big joke on the internet.

In addition, to this day the game has not received the 60 FPS update on Xbox Series X|S and only runs at 30 FPS. It's not known exactly what Arkane's plans are, but the game's situation has reached rock bottom, at least on Steam, where the game has been completely abandoned by the community.

According to data collected by SteamDB , Redfall is currently barely able to maintain 40 daily players on Steam. As of this writing, we only have 22 people playing, with the highest peak in the last 24 hours being 37.

For comparison with other Arkane-labeled games, there are currently more people playing Dishonored with 473 players; Prey at 353 and Deathloop at 202.

Arkane has previously said it will support Redfall with updates with improvements as well as new content, but so far, we've only had basic updates with fixes.

Redfall is available now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.