Gears 6 should feature a more open map than Gears 5

Gears 6 should feature a more open map than Gears 5

Gears 5 has been available since 2019 and in recent years the franchise has managed to rest, but in recent months rumors have been at full steam, pointing out that Gears 6 is already in development.

So far, developer The Coalition has not announced anything regarding the future of the franchise, but according to new information shared by Nick Baker of XboxEra, the game's development is at an advanced stage, but it should still be far from release.

Unfortunately Nick Baker didn't provide many details, but said that Gears 6 should feature a more open map than than Gears 5. By mentioning “more open map”, it does not mean that the game will have a vast open world to be explored, but large areas, similar to the previous game.

Gears is one of the main franchises from Microsoft, so it would be no surprise that the sixth game is already in an advanced state of development and presents players with more exploration.

Recalling that according to recent reports, The Coalition has canceled two unannounced projects and is now fully focused on in the development of Gears 6, which might make sense with this information about the state of development.

It's been about 4 years since the last Gears released, so it makes sense for the new game to be closer to the that it seems, as normally AAA games take 4 to 6 years to make.

It's worth mentioning that none of this has been confirmed by The Coalition.