Xbox has been reborn in Japan thanks to the next gen

Xbox has been reborn in Japan thanks to the next gen

We've already talked over and over about Xbox's difficulty in breaking into the Japanese market. The consoles of the Redmond giant have always had difficulty in establishing themselves in Japanese territory, with players who preferred PlayStation and Nintendo first, and then veered towards the mobile market. But now, with the arrival of the next gen, things seem to be really different.

As reported by Benji Sales, user who is in charge of tracking the various sales of video games in the global market , Xbox Series S and X have sold a whopping 260,504 units since launch in November 2020. For comparison, the previous generation console (aka One) has sold just 114,000 units across its lifecycle across Japan. There are several reasons why the latest consoles of the Redmond giant are certainly selling better than in the past. And these are all obviously valid reasons.| ); }
Xbox Series X and S have now surpassed the 250k + sold milestone since launch in Japan. Lifetime Total now at 260,504 units

For comparison Xbox One sold 114k consoles in Japan its entire Lifetime

Series X and S have maintained surprisingly solid weekly sales in Japan this year 4ZpDT8JpE4

- Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) July 7, 2022

The Xbox momentum in Japan probably won't last forever. However, if Microsoft is able to better manage this period, also increasing the productions that appeal to Japanese players more and addressing this market in a different way than in the past, probably the future of the brand will be positive even in a generally complex territory for all western producers.