Responsible for leaking Starfield gameplay has been arrested

Responsible for leaking Starfield gameplay has been arrested

A lot of journalists and content creators have had early access to the highly anticipated Starfield these days, but as it's become standard in the industry today, someone always manages to get a copy of such a game in advance.

Earlier this week we had a huge leak regarding Starfield where one person simply recorded and shared approximately 42 minutes of space RPG gameplay. The video in question circulated around the world and many had the chance to check out the opening minutes of the game.

But how did this person get a copy of Starfield before the launch? Well, according to new information, the person responsible for the leak is known as Darin Tyrone Harris, he worked at a retailer that normally receives products like games, well before their official launch.

But the situation involving Darin Tyrone Harris is worse than he looks, because in addition to “stealing” copies of Starfield, leaking gameplay, he also tried to sell the stolen copies.

And as expected, Darin Tyrone Harris ended up getting a lot badly, as it was discovered that he was arrested for the crime of theft and possession of marijuana. He was also accused of other crimes, such as theft of property.

Darin Tyrone Harris' "fame" was short lived and now he will have to face the consequences.