Michael Douse defends himself over Xbox Series S struggles

Michael Douse defends himself over Xbox Series S struggles

Baldur's Gate 3 has so far been one of the best games of this year, having achieved great success on PC and preparing to hit PlayStation 5 very soon. Unfortunately Xbox players will have to wait a little longer.

On consoles, the game ended up being announced only for the Sony platform, as Larian Studios would be having difficulties implementing the split-screen mode on the Xbox Series S, even receiving support from Microsoft itself to try to resolve the situation. p>Some users on social media began blaming Larian for being “on PlayStation's side of the console wars,” even going so far as to state that they would boycott the game when it finally arrived on Xbox.

Michael Douse, the director of publishing at Larian Studios, responded to these comments by saying that the studio would be better off being able to release on all platforms, but it was not possible. Additionally, he hopes Xbox players will reconsider the boycott once the game hits consoles.

User: When it is released on Xbox, it will sell much less than it should, I saw in some places that this game will be boycotted because you're on the PlayStation side of the console wars.

Michael Douse: I respect your passion, but I'd like you to understand that the most win-win situation for us would be to release on all platforms at the same time. There is no incentive for us to have done otherwise. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible this time. I hope they reconsider when it comes out.

Baldur's Gate III is out now on PC and hits PlayStation 5 on September 6th. The Xbox Series X|S version does not yet have a release date.