Starfield is bombarded with low ratings by PlayStation fans

Starfield is bombarded with low ratings by PlayStation fans

It's been almost 10 days since the analyzes and notes by the specialized media, which evaluated Starfield, were released and the result ended up generating a lot of discussion on the internet.

In recent days several portals have shared their scores and unfortunately the Metascore of the game has dropped and now results in 85 based on 54 positive reviews, 6 neutral and only 1 negative (Xbox Series X|S version).

One of those responsible for dropping the game's Metascore was the portal “The Jimquisition”, which gave the game a score of 40 (red). In his review he claims that Starfield lacks creative ambition.

“If you're the kind of person who believes video games reached their peak with release from the initial release of Fallout 3 and they haven't needed to evolve or improve since then, this game is definitely for you.”
“If you believe that Bethesda doesn't need to demonstrate growth as an artistic expression and didn't need to change anything in the the way it's been making games since 2008, I can confidently say that you'll love Starfield, because it's everything a Bethesda game has ever been… and literally nothing else…”

“Starfield is a shallow ocean, hiding its lack of creative ambition behind the physical size of a universe that's minuscule where it really counts... In short, it's everything a fan of these games could love," said the review.

Second information from Metacritic itself, there are still two sites that have not contributed with their evaluation for the game, which are Metro GameCentral and TheSixthAxis. Analyzes of these sites are still ongoing. Therefore, there are chances of Metascore falling or rising.