Starfield is a beautiful and enjoyable game to play

Starfield is a beautiful and enjoyable game to play

According to Digital Foundry, Starfield is a game very beautiful visually and delivers a very consistent and stable experience on both consoles. The portal claims that it found no bugs after 20 hours of gameplay.

  • The game runs at 30 FPS on both consoles and does not support 60 FPS;
  • Even with 30 FPS, the game runs smoothly, but there are drops, especially in big cities.
  • The cities: New Atlantis and Akila have performance problems;
  • The game is very beautiful visually and delivers good graphics;
  • Visually the Xbox Series X version is superior to the Xbox Series S;
  • The textures are quite similar on both consoles;
  • Both consoles offer a crisp and clean resolution;
  • The game's combat is good;
  • Starfield is probably the most polished RPG Bethesda has ever released;
  • It's hard to optimize a game of this size and complexity;
  • The game is really good and fun.

In the visual part, the game delivers high quality graphics, with a high level of detail, excellent post-processing. But in delivering beautiful visuals, the game also has a large number of loading screens, something already standard in the company's games.

As for the frame rate, as it is no secret, the game was blocked at 30 FPS on Xbox Series X|S. In addition, there are visual differences between the two consoles, something that was expected, but nothing that disturbs.

On the resolution side, the Xbox Series X achieves a 4K output, while the Xbox Series S looks achieve around 1440p, and both systems hit those targets with the help of AMD's FSR 2 image enhancement technology.

This means the final image appears to be 4K or 1440p respectively, but the game is upscaled from lower resolutions by combining data from multiple frames. On Xbox Series X, the game is internally rendering at 1440p, while on Xbox Series S it has a base resolution of 900p.