Ugly people scare Starfield players

Ugly people scare Starfield players

Starfield was officially launched today, but players who guarantee the premium version of the game have already been playing for a few days and one detail has been calling the attention of many of them: the game's NPCs.

The secondary characters are frequent targets of bugs, in addition to demonstrating a somewhat strange look, with bulging and piercing eyes, which turns out to be a fun moment, but which has also been the subject of criticism.

Since Starfield can start to be played early by those who have secured the premium version, many players have already started to point strange looks at NPCs, and on several of them. They usually appear with wide eyes and a stare that turns out to be very strange.

The NPCs of Bethesda games already stood out by different attitudes, but this time Starfield may have crossed the line with very comical situations for some, and revolting for others.

While in some games like Fallout 4 and Skryrim the NPCs have stood out and become a meme for because of some repeated lines or strange everyday actions, in Starfield's case it's a mix of everything with bugs and a beyond weird look.

Some bugs are more common, like hands getting lost in clothes, or that go through walls, but in other cases the NPCs walk backwards, appear out of nowhere behind another NPC that is highlighted in the conversation or even in front and stop there, covering the other NPC that is talking to the character.