The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5? Phil Spencer responds about the game

The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5? Phil Spencer responds about the game

This June marked 5 years since Bethesda Game Studios officially announced The Elder Scrolls VI. However, in recent years the company has focused on developing Starfield, which is now available.

Details about The Elder Scrolls VI are unknown and no one knows for sure whether the game's development is at an advanced stage. In any case, something that is a topic of discussion is the game's platform.

Starfield, for example, was released exclusively on Xbox consoles, leaving the PS5 out, so could this happen again? with the release of The Elder Scrolls VI? Phil Spencer was recently asked about this during an interview, and he responded as follows.

“We look at this on a case-by-case basis with the games we build. We want to make sure our games are available in many different places – on our Xbox consoles, on PC, also via the cloud, these games can reach almost any web-enabled device.”
“We're looking at millions and millions of gamers who will have access to Starfield and other games from Xbox Game Studios. It's really about giving players the choice of how they want to play and building their library of games.”

Going back in time a bit, in 2021 Phil Spencer suggested that The Elder Scrolls VI wouldn't be released on PlayStation. However, when giving testimony in July as part of Microsoft's legal battle with the FTC, Phil Spencer was vague as to whether he had previously made a public statement saying the game would be an Xbox exclusive.

“As The Elder Scrolls VI is so far away, it's difficult to understand what the platforms will be… We're talking about a game that's more than five years away.”

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Remembering that before Microsoft completed the acquisition of ZeniMax, Todd Howard himself stated that it was “hard to imagine” seeing The Elder Scrolls VI being exclusive to Xbox.

Anyway, The Elder Scrolls VI is a long way from release, so fans should be patient.