Quantum Error is in an unacceptable state on Xbox Series S

Quantum Error is in an unacceptable state on Xbox Series S

Quantum Error is a new game in development by TeamKill Media and last month it got its release date in the PS5 version, while an Xbox Series X|S version is also in production, but no date.

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For those who follow the history of the Quantum Error studio, you should already be aware that it won its fame on social networks for “attacking the Xbox” and making a lot of noise in the community.

Recently the studio provided an exclusive interview to the GamingBolt portal, and they were asked mainly about the Xbox Series S, and whether the console will be able to keep its promise of “1440p/60 FPS” as the generation progresses.

“No, I believe you need to develop your game specifically to run on the Series S to achieve these specs with techniques used on less powerful hardware. If we can optimize Quantum Error on Series S and make it graphically acceptable above our current tests, it will hit 30fps. We've all played some phenomenal games at 30fps. But in this current generation, if the graphics look blurry and blurry, it detracts from the experience considerably, in our opinion.”

Speaking specifically about the Xbox Series S version of Quantum Error, Micah TeamKill Media's Jones stated that the game's current state on Microsoft's lower-spec console is "unacceptable" and that the developer "will not release it in its current state."

“We are still not 100% sure, Xbox Series S so far works but it works very poorly, the frame rate is very low and the resolution is extremely blurry. We will continue to work to see if we can improve things, but the current state of play on Series S is unacceptable.”

Quantum Error is set to release on November 3, 2023 on PlayStation 5. A PC and Xbox Series X|S version is in development.