Has the Fallout series lost its way?

Fallout was arguably one of the best video game franchise series to have ever been created at one point, but it is fair to say that it has lost its way in recent times. In fact, many have criticized it and suggested that it has lost its soul in years gone by.

Deviated from what was successful.

One of the biggest criticisms that the franchise has experienced in recent years is the deviation the developers have taken. Some of Bethesda Studios' recent titles have been missing key elements that made the series successful since its release in 1997.


A post-apocalyptic role-playing game, some have argued that the gameplay has changed considerably, with the developer focusing on other aspects. There have been criticisms regarding the shift from the roots that made the game an instant success as newer editions have expanded and become more open-ended and heavily focused on roleplaying experiences.


Some have also criticized that the newest editions of the game have also focused too much on the action that is provided, thus taking away from the choices and consequences that players were previously faced with in earlier versions.

Fallout 76 bombed

One possible reason for the failure of Fallout 76, the latest game in the series, could be due to various issues. The game, created by Bethesda and launched in 2018, received mostly negative reviews due to bugs and the lack of content. Furthermore, players felt that the game lacked immersive storytelling and role-playing elements, which are essential for the series' success.


Fallout: New Vegas title, in stark contrast, is widely called the best version to have ever been created. Players are able to immerse themselves in a number of different features and role-playing activities, such as going into a casino and playing the same types of games that can be found at the best casinos in USA whenever they want.


Players clearly want immersive experiences and those that can provide them with several role-playing scenarios that are enjoyable.

Could Fallout 5 be a success?

It must be said, that while many of the game series’ fans have felt it has tanked in recent years, it is worth pointing out that there are others that have felt it is something that was needed to help the franchise continue to evolve and remain relevant in a highly competitive industry.


However, with the pending release of Fallout 5, there are many that will be hoping the developers have learned from the mistakes that were previously made and that they will be able to resurrect the franchise in the best way possible.


No time has been set for its release, although it has been confirmed there are plans to create and develop a title, but hopefully, this means they are going to spend as much time as they need to ensure they get it right and give every gamer and enthusiast of the series a title that they deserve!


Did the Fallout Series lose its way?


Some will argue that it didn’t, and that evolution was needed in order to keep the games as interesting as possible. The wider gaming community, though, shares the opinion that it has tanked, especially with the latest release bombing so much.


The deviation from the games created recently has been a major reason why so many have become disappointed with the franchise, and why so many are hoping Fallout 5 can convince them the game can be enjoyable once again.