Official Xbox emulator is coming to Brazil

Official Xbox emulator is coming to Brazil

It's been a few weeks since the Antstream Arcade emulator hit the Xbox, and it seems to be going well so far! The cloud-based service is showing no signs of slowing down either, with more features and games coming very soon.

Let's start with these features. As revealed, the Antstream Arcade team has already rolled out several improvements to the Xbox, including a faster navigation experience for the menus, along with some bug fixes. Another key feature coming soon is the ability to remap controls for every title in Antstream Arcade's library of over 1400 games.

And finally, the Antstream Emulator will be available soon on Australia and Brazil, with more countries to come in the coming months/years.

In terms of games, Antstream Arcade has added several new titles since the launch of the Xbox, including the 1997 PS1 shooter MDK, the 1997 brawler 1993 arcade Night Slashers and 1991 beat 'em up First Samurai, just to name a few.

Many other upcoming games were released as part of the recent Antstream Connect from July 2023, including several original PlayStation titles. One of the PS1 games we'll be seeing at Antstream Arcade before the end of August is Glover, which you might remember as a popular platform game in the late 90s.