Harry Potter: important new rumors about the future of the franchise

Harry Potter: important new rumors about the future of the franchise

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise has recently found new breath thanks to the recent market debut of Hogwats Legacy, the cross-platform game that takes fans, through magic and potions, to discover Hogwarts and many other iconic places of the Wizarding World. The commercial success of the title in question has highlighted an impressive number of fans of the franchise, who we are sure will be happy to know that the Chief Financial Officer of Warner Bros Discovery has recently released encouraging statements about a possible, promising, future dedicated to Harry Potter .

The future of Harry Potter according to Gunnar Wiedenfels

Some rumors had already been hovering in the air for some time that saw a series of possible new productions dedicated to the franchise at the center of the question Harry Potter. Now, according to reports, Gunnar Wiedenfels (the company's CFO) appears to have voiced his thoughts on the matter at a recent investor meeting.

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Gunnar Wiedenfels has not released particular details, but has clearly made it clear that there are great expansion possibilities. Here are his words:

The fact that we are enjoying this huge success with the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, 12 years after the release of the last film, shows that there are so many opportunities, and we are only just starting to expand on them.

Gunnar Wiedenfels then also praised the type of organizational structure put in place for the development of the new DC cinematic world:

In short, I think this one-of-a-kind approach company, great leadership in individual business units, but the coordinated management of the franchise is probably one of the greatest opportunities that the company has.

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