Pure action in the new Super Bowl trailer for Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among thieves

Pure action in the new Super Bowl trailer for Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among thieves

Pure action in the new Super Bowl trailer for Dungeons &

Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Among Thieves is one of the most anticipated films of the next comic year, as demonstrated by the reactions of fans of the popular fantasy setting to the presentation of the trailer. Based on the famous world created by Wizards of the Coast, the film will see as protagonists a band of adventurers led by a histrionic bard (Chris Pine), who after having stolen a precious and powerful artifact on commission, will have to get it back in order to prevent the their patron to destroy the world. In recent days, the directors of the film have told how their vision of Dungeons & Dragons will be rather free from the strict rules of the game, especially in terms of action, which we discovered was inspired by the style of Jackie Chan's films. An inspiration that is confirmed by the trailer of Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among thieves shown during the Super Bowl.

The new trailer for Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among thieves shown at the Super Bowl is a concentrate of pure action

An event awaited not only by fans of American football, the Super Bowl is become a fixture for the world of entertainment, which during this sporting event dominates the scene by showing the trailers of the most awaited films of the following months. This year within the traditional roundup of trailers, the Forgotten Realms also had their moment of glory, as Paramount Pictures chose the Super Bowl to show a new trailer for Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Among Thieves, where the action is the real protagonist.

The release of Dungeons & Dragons – Honor for thieves is scheduled for March 31, the day in which we will finally have the opportunity to find out if the fear of fans of the famous Wizards of the Coast role-playing game of being faced with a disrespectful adaptation they will have confirmation of the lore of the setting, also mindful of the disappointing Dungeons & Dragons – Let the game begin. Adapting a narrative context like that of Dungeons & Dragons to the mechanics of cinema is certainly not easy, considering that the nature of this role-playing game is based on the reactions of the players, which are an integral part of the creative process of the stories. Despite having a parterre of well-known figures, the essence of Dungeons & Dragons is the interaction between the players, which makes it difficult to find a unique narrative form for a film. Dungeons & Dragons – The honor of the thieves therefore has the hard task of showing how the Forgotten Realms can become a compelling setting for numerous adventures, starting with that of the group of friendly scoundrels who await us at the cinema at the end of March.