Yarbo, the handyman garden robot: it mows the grass, blows the leaves and shovels the snow

Yarbo, the handyman garden robot: it mows the grass, blows the leaves and shovels the snow

Yarbo, the handyman garden robot

It takes time and effort to take care of even a small garden, but thanks to technology it is possible to automate maintenance thanks to a whole series of accessories that are useful in the changing seasons. What if instead there was a single device capable of working without problems from summer to winter and in any weather condition? This is the goal of Yarbo, a handyman robot that can accommodate modular accessories to become truly irreplaceable: in the summer it mows the lawn, always keeping it perfect, in the autumn it blows and piles up the leaves that have fallen from the trees and in the winter it even shovels the snow. Given its versatility, Yarbo was welcomed with great enthusiasm on Kickstarter, quickly reaching the minimum amount for production.

The basis of Yarbo is the tracked robot capable of moving easily on any type of terrain , even the most rugged or leaning one, since it can also climb slopes of 68%. The main body of Yarbo includes all the sensors that allow him to map even large terrains with great precision and avoid unexpected obstacles in his path. Yarbo can also take advantage of the satellite signal to better understand where to go, can optionally connect via 4G if a sim is inserted and of course sends real-time data which can be viewed via the smartphone app. Control takes place not only from the touchscreen, but also through voice assistants.

Yarbo in snowplough mode

The front part allows you to hook up the three modules which open up to as many capacities for each type of season. The basic function is that of the lawnmower (here a selection of the best ones), managing to always keep the green space perfect even during the hottest and rainiest months, with the recharging base that can also be combined with portable stations that act as simil-powerbank xxl to also charge other devices via usb or contact. The leaf blower module can work at an impressive 20,000 rpm with the powerful fans generating a wind of almost 200 km/h, blowing left and right to best clean the surfaces. Finally, perhaps the most interesting function is the one that shovels snow (even wet) through a system that first collects and chops it up and then shoots it up to more than a meter away in the indicated direction.

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The video showing Yarbo in action

All this comfort offered and this quality in terms of construction brings at an inevitably important price of 2868 euros for those who will be among the first to finance the project on Kickstarter; the price in shops will be much higher, or almost 4000 euros.